About Us


The Council of Rockford Gardeners, Inc. was organized on March 21, 1980, and is federated with The Garden Clubs of Illinois, Inc. and the National Garden Clubs, Inc. The Council is comprised of five garden clubs: Northern Illinois Daffodil Society, Plantaholics, Potpourri, Seedlings and Wildflowers.

Membership is open to anyone in Winnebago County and the surrounding area who is interested in our purpose as stated in our Mission Statement. Each year local and area-wide offerings are sponsored by the council and/or our individual garden clubs to carry out our mission.


Fundraisers and Scholarships

Annual fundraising events, the Spring Luncheon and Scholarship Fundraiser and Holiday Luncheon and Scholarship Fundraiser, help support our Scholarship Fund and add to our monetary contributions to community gardening and other entities. Council has awarded over $21,000 in scholarship money. Many hundreds of dollars annually go to community organizations/projects, and many man hours are donated to community gardens. Among those benefiting are City of Gardens, Midway Village Museum and Heritage Gardens, Rock Valley Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, Klehm Arboretum and Botanic Garden, Natural Land Institute, Severson Dells, and Tinker Swiss Cottage.

Annual Events

FREE Garden Walk in June
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Spring Luncheon and Scholarship Fundraiser in April
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Holiday Luncheon and Scholarship Fundraiser in December
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Gathering of Clubs (date varies)
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Annual Donations

Among the many contributions our clubs make to the community are planters given to the new homeowners of Habitat for Humanity.  The photos show the planter donated by Potpourri member, Susan Schmitz.







Enjoy the many wonders of nature throughout every season, and come join us at any of our events or club meetings to share gardening tales and experiences.