Seedlings Garden Club

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Organized: September, 1949
Meetings: 3rd Monday at 6:00 p.m.

When friends meet … hearts warm.

Seedlings’ goal is to cultivate an appreciation of nature and beauty both at home and in the community, to work to conserve flora and fauna, and to raise funds for and/or participate in any activities that promote these endeavors.

Seedlings Garden Club strives to provide programs that are interesting, educational and fun. Our programs offer activities for all gardeners and nature lovers! There are many wonderful secrets hidden in the Rock River Valley. We have made garden art using different kinds of glassware glued together to make bird feeders, bird baths, and some interesting, colorful art to perk up our gardens. We also learned how to raise Monarch butterflies and release them into the garden. We have completed our planning for 2017 and have a wonderful list of programs to offer. Be sure to check out our schedule
of activities below.

2017 Seedlings Calendar of Meetings

Click here to obtain a printable schedule of Seedlings Club meetings for 2017. If interested in attending a meeting, joining our club, or just want more information, use the “Contact Seedlings Garden Club” form at the bottom of this page.

Everyone is welcome to attend three meetings as a guest.


CRG Council Liaison: Lora Prochaska

Secretary: Clair Bland

Co-Treasurers (Membership): Esther Crandall, Kathy Crandall


E-Mail: Fiona Fordyce

Sunshine: Pam Loria

Conservation/Horticulture: Anita Johnson

Members (33)

Marion Applegate*
Rose Bennett
Clare Bland
Jan Bowman
Reggie Brenmark-French
Esther Crandall
Kathy A. Crandall
Ann Daniels
Cindy Flickinger
Fiona Fordyce
Kristen L. Frank


Lynne Franzene-Lynde*
Monica Gibbons
Rita Hammer
Anita J. Johnson
Ethel Johnson
Julie Johnson
Linda Kenley
Barbara Kober
Therese Laman
Pamela Loria
Lee Ann Love


Sue McMillin
Anne Meyer
Mary Kay Morrison
Lora K. Prochaska
Mary Rosandich
Judy Schellenberger*
Kristina Tarbert
Karen Thompson
Shirley Wiklund
Mary Wulff*
Patty Zahn

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