Seedlings Garden Club

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Organized: September, 1949
Meetings: 3rd Monday at 6:00 p.m.

When friends meet … hearts warm.

Seedlings’ goal is to encourage an appreciation of nature and beauty both at home and in the community, to work to conserve flora and fauna, and to raise funds for and participate in activities that promote these endeavors. We also contribute with financial donations to local organizations involved with horticulture for the benefit of the Rockford area community.

Seedlings Garden Club provides programs that are inspiring, educational and fun. Our programs offer activities for gardeners and nature lovers of all levels and experiences. There are many wonderful surprises hidden in the Rock River Valley. Our programs have included tours of prairies, home gardens, and public spaces. We have learned how to raise Monarch butterflies, made garden art, indoor and outdoor planters, and holiday table center pieces. The Seedlings Garden Club calendar is complete for 2023 and has a delightful list of programs. Please be sure to check out our schedule of activities.

In 2022 Seedlings donated $100 to each of these organizations:  Natural Land Institute, Klehm Arboretum, Midway Village and Severson Dells


2024 Seedlings Calendar of Meetings

Click here for Seedlings Calendar 2024

If interested in attending a meeting, joining our club, or just want more information, use the “Contact Seedlings Garden Club” form at the bottom of this page.  (Additions to programs, locations and information subject to change)

Everyone is welcome to attend three meetings as a guest.



CRG Council Liaisons:
Susan Buzzard, Lynne Franzene-Lynde,
Susan Schumacher

Secretary: Susan Schumacher

Treasurer (Membership): Kathy Crandall


E-Mail: Fiona Fordyce, Lora Prochaska

Sunshine: Barb Kober

Conservation: Anita Johnson

Members (26)

Rose Bennett
Clare Bland
Jan Bowman
Susan Buzzard
Kathryn Carr
Esther Crandall
Kathy A. Crandall
Diane Dailing*
Fiona Fordyce

* = member in more than one club


Kristen L. Frank
Lynne Franzene-Lynde*
Jackie Hessian
Anita J. Johnson
Julie Johnson
Barbara Kober
Therese Laman
Sharon McKenzie
Sue McMillin


Carrie Meyer
Mary Kay Morrison
Joan Pfieffer
Lora K. Prochaska
Susan Schumacher
Amy Seiler
Marilyn Shigley
Min Wang


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