Wildflower Garden Club

About Us

Organized:  June, 1981
Meetings:  4th Thursday (morning / times vary)

Enjoy nature’s bounty and beauty
through work and creativity.

The Wildflower Garden Club enjoys informative field trips, programs, socializing and lunch.

Our key focus is to always strive to go to interesting places all around the area. We enjoy learning about plants, traveling to different locations around the area, and most of all we enjoy the friendships we gain through gardening.

Wildflower members visit various greenhouses, nurseries and gardens both public and private to learn more about trees, shrubs and plants to improve our home gardens. For each scheduled trip, members and guests usually meet at the East State Street K-Mart parking lot to travel together to our destination.

Wildflower members enjoy several service projects and donations to the community. We donate a hanging basket to City of Rockford Beautification project ($125), a porch plant to new home owners through Habitat of Humanity and serving dinner at Maya’s House, a shelter for children. We have also made monetary donations to: Severson Dells Environmental Center ($100); Grandview Folk Art Gardens ($75); Rock River Food Pantry: $100; Rock House Kids: $100; Klehm Arboretum  Vi Bates Wildflower Garden: $50; Sinissippi Quilt Guild Stocking for Soldiers project: $100. We also donated and served dinner twice at the Veterans Drop-in Center.


2018 Wildflower Calendar of Meetings
(Additions to programs, locations and information subject to change)

Click here to obtain a printable schedule of Wildflowers Club meetings for 2018.

If interested in attending a meeting, joining our club or just want more information, please use the “Contact Wildflower Garden Club” form at the bottom of this page. Everyone is welcome to attend three meetings as a guest.


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Co-Presidents: Jan Person and Jan Duncan

Secretary: Mary Pinter

Treasurer (Membership): Irene Vella

Ways and Means: Karen Irwin

Sunshine: Peg Goral

Hospitality: Joyce Lillie

e-Mail: Jan Duncan

Callers: Alice Moczynski and Karen Irwin


Members (50)

Marion Applegate*
Martha Bauch
Pat Bellezza
Carol Benney
Georgia Boyer-Lichthardt
Sharon Bramel
Sarah Britton
Fran Cleven
Marilyn Drake
Jan Duncan*
Carol Edson
Shirley Engelbrecht
Diane Fitz
Elizabeth Forlow
Inge Frye
Peg Goral
Joan Graceffa

* = member in more than one club

Janice Haberle
Pat Hanson
Barbara Herbig
Karen Irwin
Barb Jensen
Marilyn Johnson
Joyce Lillie
Hazel Lindblade
Sue Martinetti
Geri McNeany
Alice Moczynski*
Alice Pampe
Elaine Parrovechio*
Alice Pearce
Jan Person
Mary Pinter*
Cynthia Piper

Judi Pivoras
Peggy C. Pogue
Linda Price*
Catherine Rudolph
Nancy Saunders
Judy Schellenberger*
Shari Smallwood
Rosanne Southwood
Erma Svoboda
Judith Thorn
Sarina Tillis
Irene Vella*
Jane Warner
Anita Wetzbarger
Lorraine White*
Mary Wulff*