Plantaholics Garden Club

About Us

Organized:  June, 2006
Meetings:  1st Tuesday @ 5:30 or 6:00 p.m.

We are a diverse collection of enthusiasts dedicated to promoting the love of gardening! As a group, we are patio gardeners, vegetable gardeners, pollinator gardeners, perennial gardeners, houseplant gardeners, and woody plant gardeners. There may even be more than one of us who has a struggling philodendron tucked away in a corner of the house. We just can’t bear to let plants die!

What draws us together is our desire to learn. We want to know more about ecology, environmental responsibility, design, horticulture, conservation, beautification, and all things related to gardening. To that end, we plan a vibrant monthly schedule which offers members the opportunity to visit places of interest and participate in gardening activities. We have taken field trips to Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens, Klehm Arboretum, Anderson Japanese Gardens, and many beautiful private gardens. During the warm months, we are often treated to tours of members’ gardens. We laugh and learn and enjoy one another at each meeting.

We are very fortunate to live in the Rock River Valley where there are abundant places to visit, learn, and enjoy. We welcome novice and experienced gardeners to our club.

Go often to the house of a friend,
for weeds soon choke up the unused path.
Shared joy is a double joy;
shared sorrow is half a sorrow.
– Swedish Proverbs

Plantaholics Motto
Plantaholics members share a love of gardening and learning, develop friendships, and provide support for nature and garden organizations. Our primary purpose is education and we also encourage responsible stewardship of the earth.

2024 Plantaholics Calendar of Meetings

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If interested in attending a meeting, joining our club or just want more information, please use the “Contact Plantaholics Garden Club” form below.

Everyone is welcome to attend three meetings as a guest.

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    Plantaholics community donations
    For 2023, Plantaholics are pleased to invest in our community through charitable giving. We are supporting Severson Dells with a $300 check. We have also donated $200 and an oak tree to the Natural Land Institute.

    Co-Presidents: Colleen Blanchard and Maura Flanary

    Continuing Educators: EJ Rebman and Lori Walsh

    Treasurer: Jan Duncan

    Communications: Judy Johnson

    Photographers: Brian Molloy; Cindy Rittenhouse

    Sunshine: Deb Jurs



    Members (50)

    Britta Anderson
    Linda Baker
    Debra Bieschke*
    Colleen Blanchard
    Terry Braune
    Diane Dailing
    Jennifer Derricks-Blaisdell
    Pam Carr
    Mike Carr
    Halina Degenhardt
    Ginger DeWeerdt
    Diane Donze*
    Jan Duncan*
    Karel Dunlap
    Trina Durstock
    Jamie Flanary
    Maura Flanary

    * = member in more than one club


    Lynne Franzene-Lynde*
    Dee Fredrickson
    Stanley Goral
    Joyce Graczyk*
    Ginny Hatwich
    Kady Hevrin
    Linda Horowy
    Judy Johnson
    Deb Jurs*
    Maureen Kwiatkowski
    Linda McIntyre-Price*
    Marianne Mentzer
    Maryann Miller*
    Brian Molloy
    Elaine Parrovechio*
    Margie Peloquin
    Judy Penticoff


    Steve Penticoff
    Donna Peterson
    Mary Pinter*
    Cynthia Piper
    Andrew Quintanilla
    EJ Rebman*
    Cindy Rittenhouse
    Gina Ross
    Leila Seguin
    Arch Smith*
    Ann Somers*
    Carole Anne Stewart
    Becky Thalhofer
    Irene Vella*
    Cheryl Walker
    Lori Walsh

    Plantaholics crossing the Japanese bridge at Fabyan Garden, Geneva, IL